12-month warranty


Monte Alto Elettronica is an online store owned by Good Luck Store. The following terms and conditions apply exclusively to relations between Monte Alto Elettronica and its customers.

Monte Alto Elettronica reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions by unilateral decision and without notice. Orders are subject to the terms and conditions in force at the time of the order, which can be consulted on the order pages of montealtosrls.com. The changes in terms of legislation will be effective immediately, unless otherwise specified by law.

Monte Alto Elettronica is not responsible for damages due to causes of force majeure, such as circumstances beyond its control. Monte Alto Elettronica will inform the customer of any circumstances of force majeure as soon as possible.


Monte Alto Elettronica sells services and products to individuals and companies.

Trade between business and consumers is governed by consumer protection legislation in Italy and in the European Union. These terms and conditions are not applicable in the event that they limit the consumer rights specified by current regulations.

The commercial agreements between Monte Alto Elettronica and corporate customers are governed by the Treaty on the sale of Italian goods and by the European Common Law on the sale, unless otherwise stipulated in these terms and conditions or decided together with the Customer.

The Customer is required to provide complete contact information when placing an order, i.e. at least the Customer's name, address, an active telephone number and an e-mail address. The information required for corporate customers is: name, telephone number and e-mail address of the contact person, identification number, postal address, telephone number (s) and billing address if necessary.

Delivery time estimates are based on information provided by logistics companies. Monte Alto Elettronica or its suppliers are not responsible for delays caused by unexpected changes beyond their control. Once the order is registered in the Monte Alto Elettronica system, a binding commercial agreement enters into force.

Data protection: customer data is stored in Monte Alto Elettronica's customer registry and used to manage and maintain customer relationships.

Furthermore, Monte Alto Elettronica has the right to process and share data contained in the register for valid reasons (e.g. direct marketing) as established by the Personal Data Law (523/99) and by the European GDPR.

The customer can prohibit the use and processing of their data for commercial purposes and review their data by contacting the Monte Alto Elettronica customer service.


Prices include VAT if established by current regulations. The sale of used electronic products is often subject to the application of a marginal tax.

If the price of the product increases before the order is processed, the product will be sold at the original price. If the order is modified, the price of the product is equal to the price at the time of modification.

The consumer has the right to cancel his purchase according to European consumer protection legislation.

Products and services are always sold as they are.


The list of shipping methods available at the moment is available on the website of the online store.

The management of the order has an average duration of 0-1 working days starting from the sending of the automatic order confirmation. Delivery times are usually 24 / 48h.

The consumer has the right of withdrawal within 14 days, according to European consumer protection legislation. Returns for corporate customers are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

For returns issues, please contact our customer service.


When you buy a phone, inform us within 72 hours of delivery in case the product has been damaged in transit.

When the products come from the manufacturer, Monte Alto Elettronica does not offer a separate guarantee, unless expressly specified. If the manufacturer's warranty is valid, the terms defined in the manufacturer's warranty will apply.

The buyer is obliged to inquire about the terms of the product warranty before starting to use it.

Monte Alto Elettronica reserves the right to check the defects reported on the products. 3-5 business days are always required for this procedure.

(Valid only in Italy) Monte Alto Elettronica accepts only used working devices (exchange) for sale. We do not accept stolen or blocked SIM phones. In case of receipt of defective models or with SIM blocked, we will charge a handling / shipping cost of € 25. This cost will allow you to receive your phone back.


Monte Alto Elettronica always provides a 12 month Monte Alto Elettronica ™ Warranty, on all phones, devices and other products. The identified defects are repaired by Monte Alto Elettronica. The terms of the warranty specify separately which parts of the product, device or phone are not covered by the Monte Alto Elettronica ™ Warranty.

The Monte Alto Elettronica ™ Guarantee contains the terms defined by Monte Alto Elettronica, listed in the following terms. Monte Alto Elettronica products include liability for defects defined by European consumer protection legislation. The validity period of the Monte Alto Elettronica ™ Guarantee is 12 months, starting from the date of purchase. The area of ​​validity of the warranty is the country in which the phone was purchased.

The extension of the 3-year warranty is subject to the same terms and conditions.

Our guarantee includes the following services:

  • Fast repair service guaranteed. Repair process starts within 24 hours of receiving the phone / device.
  • Free diagnosis Our customers will receive a free diagnosis, regardless of the liability coverage for Monte Alto Elettronica defects.
  • Device replacement. If we are unable to restore the previous conditions of the device, we will try to replace it with a corresponding model.

If it is evident that the damage to the device was caused by the Customer, Monte Alto Elettronica declines all responsibility. Such causes include, for example: material damage to the device, damage from liquids, misuse and neglect.

Repair process
The detected defect will be repaired by our repair service. If the spare parts are not found, they are too expensive or the device is not worth repairing, the device in question will be replaced with a corresponding model. Thanks to our fast repair system, repairs under the Monte Alto Elettronica warranty will be carried out within a maximum of 14 days from the receipt of the device by the repair service. In some cases, such as for public holidays, the repair process may take longer. To ensure that the device is repaired in a reasonable time, we must also take into account the quality of the device, the availability of spare parts, the extent of the damage and other special technical specifications. Monte Alto Elettronica could also grant a discount or a refund if the device is not worth repairing, the defect is very light or the device cannot be repaired.

Warranty notes:

  • We offer a 12 month free battery warranty (normal battery wear is not covered, however).
  • The Monte Alto Elettronica ™ warranty does not cover breakage or cracks on the screen.
  • The Monte Alto Elettronica ™ Warranty does not cover software-related defects.
  • The Monte Alto Elettronica ™ Guarantee does not cover the removal of viruses or malware from the phone.
  • The Monte Alto Elettronica ™ Warranty does not cover damage resulting from the use of an ungrounded socket to charge the phone.
  • The Monte Alto Elettronica ™ warranty is void if the cables are cut or the device is opened.
  • The Monte Alto Elettronica ™ warranty does not cover damage reported by the product during shipment, if due to the sender's negligence. Devices should always be protected and packaged properly.
  • The Monte Alto Elettronica ™ warranty expires if the serial number of the phone or IMEI has been removed or made illegible.
  • The Monte Alto Elettronica ™ Guarantee does not cover indirect or merely economic damages caused by the breakage of the product, such as the loss of files.
  • The Monte Alto Elettronica ™ Warranty expires if the screen / Home button / camera or other parts have broken due to improper use, for example following a fall or a blow.
  • The Monte Alto Elettronica ™ Warranty is void if a product purchased on Monte Alto Elettronica has been repaired by the customer himself or by third parties.
  • The Monte Alto Elettronica ™ warranty expires if the device shows damages due to humidity.

Warranty / Return procedure

The customer is obliged to inform us of any defects as soon as they emerge. To do this, you can send an email to the address [email protected] or contact us via chat. After informing us and receiving instructions on how to proceed, the damaged product must be sent to the address specified in the instructions, with the delivery method indicated.

The Customer is responsible for backing up the files on the device before sending it for repair. If the device is delivered and returned bearing the wording FRAGILE, i.e. it must be handled with special measures, the Customer is responsible for paying the delivery costs.


Products and services are always sold as they are. Monte Alto Elettronica is not responsible for any direct or indirect costs generated by defects and / or use of products and services. Monte Alto Elettronica's liability is always limited to the content of these terms and conditions, up to the maximum refund of the purchase price. Liability for the product in case of defects is limited to the possible refund of the purchase price net of the benefits received.

Some features or services offered on or through the site may require the user to

register for the service (including setting the Apple ID and password). You are the only

responsible for managing your account information, including password, password

confidentiality and data retention of your account. It is forbidden to use Apple ID, password or

accounts of other owners without the express authorization and consent of the account holder

interested. Monte Alto Elettronica is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from failure

compliance with these obligations. Monte Alto Elettronica is not responsible in case of forgetting the Apple ID or the

password. Monte Alto Elettronica is not responsible for the delivery of the owner's purchase receipt

original phone to guarantee the privacy policy